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Identive Group, Inc. a provider of solutions and services for the identification, security and RFID industries, has announced enhancements to its Tagtrail™ NFC tag mobile services platform, making it easier than ever to launch NFC tag campaigns and create more targeted engagements.

The Tagtrail platform is cloud-based, allowing advertisers, retailers and organizations of all types and sizes to deliver dynamic, personalized content and services to users’ mobile devices via NFC and QR codes.

Here are some new features for Tagtrail:

Extension of Tagtrail’s Dynamic Action Bundle rules engine, which determines what information users receive when they tap their phones to a Tagtrail tag. The Dynamic Action Bundle has been enhanced to enable an unlimited number of actions to be assigned to each tag within a campaign, and to allow multiple criteria to determine which content is delivered to each user. For example, a tag in a shopping mall could deliver a store’s website URL, information about daily specials or a merchandise coupon, depending upon factors such as who is tapping the tag, time of day, what kind of phone is being used, whether the user is already recognized by Tagtrail, or other rules the campaign owner wishes to incorporate.

A simplified, click and drag process for ordering NFC tags for Tagtrail campaigns. A standard tag can be selected from the extensive menu of options, or artwork can be uploaded and the customized tags ordered online in a few easy steps.

User interface improvements that further streamline the process of designing, launching, evaluating and improving Tagtrail campaigns.

Identive’s patent-pending Tagtrail platform is offered as a complete solution that includes cloud-based content delivery and analytics services, NFC or QR code tags and a mobile user app. The mobile app allows users to go back and review the personalized content received from their taps so they can re-live and share the experience later. Tagtrail’s online community forum lets current and potential users ask questions, get support and share feedback with each other and with Identive to enhance their mobile NFC experience and help drive future Tagtrail improvements.

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