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The Perfect Pair      2016-7-21 10:44:24      From:Enjoyrfid Technical      Hit:

It was two decades ago that a new wireless technology called Bluetooth, named after an ancient Danish king,smart card first appeared. It promised to replace the many cables connecting users and their devices to accessories like headsets. Those mature enough may well remember the first time they saw someone passing by speaking into the air with that funny looking gadget hanging on their ear. Since then it has been an incredible march and Bluetooth technology is now almost everywhere.

Theres just one little problem. Unlike real cables, wireless communications share the medium and so the two ends of a cable replacement must be made to know each other before data can flow, unlike the physical cable that you just plug in. The Bluetooth solution is called pairing. It means telling one device to search for other devices to connect to, and after some numbers are input or compared, to connect. The next time the devices get within range of one another, this process happens automatically.

It sounds fairly simple, but the devils in the details. It takes time to discover devices. The device names are usually quite technical and its difficult to recognize one from another if multiple devices are within range. And that automatic pairing after the first time doesnt really help if you want to share the headphones with family and friends when its always connected to your music player.

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