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    :: HF13.56MHZ Card >> Smart card Mifare Ultralight-C HF blank card
HF blank card
- Dimensions: CR80 85.60 x 53.98mm
- Thickness: 0.84 +- 0.02mm
- Material: PVC (option: PET, PC, PET-G)
- Card Surface: Matt/ glossy finish
- Housing: Lamination
- Offset Printing
- Silkscreen Printing
- Magnetic stirp HICO, LOCO
- Thermal print

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RFID anti-counterfeiting features

Generally anti-counterfeiting, there are two application levels, is a country or organization security needs, such as RFID CARD passport or other identification and certificates, etc., the security demand to see the effect, is a high acceptance of the cost, you can use the new technology, the development of new equipment, and will try our best to adopt the complex production process, technology, the high cost of small bulk copy to forge on technology, cost do more harm than good. Another application level of the audience is the ordinary consumers, such as anti-counterfeiting goods, this kind of application level requirements validation of anti-fake identification is simple and reliable, and are unlikely to large area is used to verify device, rely mainly on visual identification. Ticket anti-counterfeiting belongs to the first, mainly composed of the organizers to use equipment or other ways to verify authenticity. In this case the smart cards anti-counterfeiting performance is apparent. RFID has many technique features enable it to provide sufficient security anti-counterfeiting function
Generally adopt the way of printing anti-counterfeiting all want to avoid fouling, if the surface is stained affects anti-fake identification, while using RFID technology even if tickets are not affecting the anti-fake read surface fouling. Read/write: RFID chip has a certain capacity of storage space, in the case of non-contact can realize the read and write operations; And read and write is controllable, can realize the read-only or write-only, or conditional, speaking, reading and writing, it is other anti-counterfeiting technology, such as laser, barcode cannot be achieved. The contactless cards tag capacity from a few bytes to several K bytes, can allow substantially meet the needs of electronic ticket information storage, can record holder information, ticket number and seat information, also can dynamically record into the number to achieve more advanced management, etc. A unique serial number: RFID electronic tag encapsulation process chip and antenna into an organic whole, and each chip read-only storage area has a unique set of serial number (4 to 8 bytes), the serial number is chip production be solidified within the chip and cannot be changed. Through authorization verification readout and binding and ticket management system, which makes the third party cannot copy this unique serial number. Some simple electronic ticket system only USES the unique serial number anti-fake can put an end to fake ticket.


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