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    :: HF13.56MHZ Card >> Smart card Mifare Ultralight-C HF blank card
HF blank card
- Dimensions: CR80 85.60 x 53.98mm
- Thickness: 0.84 +- 0.02mm
- Material: PVC (option: PET, PC, PET-G)
- Card Surface: Matt/ glossy finish
- Housing: Lamination
- Offset Printing
- Silkscreen Printing
- Magnetic stirp HICO, LOCO
- Thermal print

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RFID Credit Card

Judging RFID CARD from your speed that it can be swiped (as demonstrated on the Chase blink website) you could technically walk by using a bag containing a reader and merely brush from the victim you just read the credit card within their bank account.

We may have learned they're able to clone RFID passports. What stops someone from reproducing the cardboard, then using it? With regular cards, my wallet is an effective firewall. No chance to read the magnetic strip or copy the numbers away from it with no actual card visible. And if my card is missing, I realize I own a problem. I usually maintain it in my wallet so nobody can easily consider it. This is a pretty secure way to handle credit cards.

Master rfid inlay key cards are made to allow emergency personnel, postal services and garbage pickup workers to view a building.


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