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    :: HF13.56MHZ Card >> Smart card Mifare Ultralight-C HF blank card
HF blank card
- Dimensions: CR80 85.60 x 53.98mm
- Thickness: 0.84 +- 0.02mm
- Material: PVC (option: PET, PC, PET-G)
- Card Surface: Matt/ glossy finish
- Housing: Lamination
- Offset Printing
- Silkscreen Printing
- Magnetic stirp HICO, LOCO
- Thermal print

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Switch to smart cards

BancoSol give away more than 100 laptops to all its customers quehasta 31 December this year , change your debit card with a magnetic stripe to chip.
The campaign smart cards is part of the migration process to digital technology in the use of bank cards, have national effect so any client entity will have the opportunity to be a modern netbook.
Customers of the entity only have to approach BancoSol agency anywhere in the country and apply for the change of this financial instrument that automatically, enter the draw for the computer equipment. The promotion began on November 11 and end on the last day of the year.The draw will be verified in January 2014 .
In addition to more secure transactions , users of debit cards with chip BancoSol benefit from access to one of the largest ATM networks in the Bolivian financial system , consisting of more than 200 ATM distributed in urban and rural areas of the nine departments.
Until last contactless cards July, 77 % of BancoSol ATMde were located in urban areas while the remaining 23% in rural towns and intermediate cities facilitating financial transactions for entrepreneurs and the general public .
To reassure users of the entity, BancoSol has implemented a scheme of high-level security that meets the highest standards in the financial industry , using encrypted links to certificates issued by the leaders in the industry, dynamic passwords you received directly to your cell phone , a network of own ATMs to EMV certified with high levels of security clearance that complies with the regulations in force in the country.




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