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    :: HF13.56MHZ Card >> Smart card Mifare Ultralight-C HF blank card
HF blank card
- Dimensions: CR80 85.60 x 53.98mm
- Thickness: 0.84 +- 0.02mm
- Material: PVC (option: PET, PC, PET-G)
- Card Surface: Matt/ glossy finish
- Housing: Lamination
- Offset Printing
- Silkscreen Printing
- Magnetic stirp HICO, LOCO
- Thermal print

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The mobile phone signal

It is often NFC CARD said that innovation comes from the confluence of several existing technologies. Today, we have such an event occurring now in smartphones, with the de facto inclusion of accelerometers, the addition of personal wireless technology (NFC and Bluetooth), and a powerful computing platform that is (almost) always connected.
This is a combo cards perfect recipe for disruptive innovation in the access control market. Mobile access control, or using one’s NFC-enabled smart phone to access buildings, makes it possible for you to use your smartphone in the same way you use a mechanical key or smart card to open a door. Thanks to NFC and ENJOYRFID Global, a smartphone can now securely house “digital keys” with a user’s identity data. These smartphones with digital keys can be incorporated into the business infrastructure not only to open doors, but also to login into computer networks and to perform many other traditional smart card applications.
This shift – that is, the corporate identity badge and access card moving onto NFC-enabled smart phones – ushers in an entirely new level of user convenience. It will also enable new forms and additional factors of authentication for increased security of a user’s identity in a world where security threats continue to grow and privacy assurances are increasingly critical. Mobile access control allows users to add GPS (where you are) as well as biometrics to traditional authentication methods (something you know, such as a password and something you have, such as phone).contactless cards




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