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HF Inlay 3*8

RFID Prelam 13.56MHz HF Inlay 3*8 PVC PET-G sheet
Operating Frequency:

LF 125KHz, HF 13.56MHz, UHF: 860MHz-960MHz
Standard :
ISO14443,ISO15693,ISO 18000
Material: PVC, PET, PC, PET-G
Dimension: 310mm x 468mm,
Max. size 600mm x 700mm,
A4 210mm x297mm
Layout: 3×7, 5×5,3×8, 4×8, 4×6, 2×5, 2×4,
or any Customization of CR80 card or any unit antenna size
Thickness: HF normal 0.45mm,0.5mm, min.0.3mm ,
LF normal ,0.6mm, Min. 0.5mm
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RFID Prelam/Inlay,also called rfid card inlay,contactless card inlay,as core part of RFID card,RFID prelams are inlays for RFID cards production. These cards are suitable for printing as ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards , door access cards, business cards and many other such uses. Our plastic blank cards have been especially manufactured and packaged to be clean from dust.

Premium Quality For Card Applications
ENJOY offers a broad range of PRELAM products and card inlays. Designed for the particular requirements of card manufacturers, our products fulfill highest requirements regarding reliability, durability and mechanical robustness.

ENJOY provides card manufactureres with a durable and convenient solution for tha manufacture of finished cards. PRELAM stands for pre-laminated. This meas fusing together single laryes under pressure and high temperature in special lamination press machinery after the electronic parts have been embedded into the carrier material and assembled.

ENJOY RFID prelam could incorporate pre-winding coil or ultrasonic embedding copper antenna, even FLIP chip etching antenna upon the customer's requirements. The prelam can be made of material PVC,PET, PET-G etc.

We could develop any size and shape of antenna that can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. Reliability, durability and prefect electrical performance, compliant with divers standards.

Our Market:
North America, South America, Eastern Europe ,Southeast Asia, Oceania Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Central America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe ,etc.

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