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What is rfid?
RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. The acronym refers to small ...
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RFID card | Contactless cards and proximity cards

A proximity card can be designed to allow access to whichever area deemed necessary. Each card will have a built in authorization code for certain areas. When an employee or team member approaches an access area they will have to scan their card. If their card is programmed for access they will be permitted to enter, if not they will be denied. This is referred to as 'physical access control'. Proximity cards may also be utilized for 'logical access control'. This simply means that they provide access to computer systems. This allows an organization to control which employees can access particular areas of a computer network.

Implementing a proximity reader is not very complicated. The access control system is an cinch to use. As stated a proximity reader is designed to read access cards. Some can do this from as far as an inch away and are used widely in places like parking garages. Still others have to come in direct contact with the readers magnetic strip. The technology utilized for distance proximity has came a long way. In our high tech environment there is door technology that can read a credit card sized card through a wallet or purse as the employee passes the door. Of course entrance will be denied if the card is denied.

RFID Card for Different RFID Application

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of RFID Card, dedicated to delivering high-quality, smart and secure products to our customers worldwide. has released a series of Smart RFID Card with different shapes, sizes, frequency or colors for different RFID applications, such as access control, pets tracking, employee ID, student ID and logistics. By showing irregular shapes, these smart cards attract massive numbers of customers to select for different RFID systems.

Available in 125KHz,13.56MHz or even 860MHz ~ 960MHz, each RFID Card contains a unique ID number and any detailed information or records can be read and written in the tags, ensuring the security for different RFID management. Just like the UHF Animal Cards, compliant with ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C EPC C1 Gen2 Protocol, this UHF RFID pet tag provides long reading and writing range within 1 meter to 3.5 meters. RFID based pet management system become easy and efficient to identify each pets by storing the pet information or medical records in the cards. In the schools, shared residences and public transportation applications, people can provide the personal information or pay the tickets by dipping a RFID card. Besides, some small circular cards, like the lf/ hf RFID Irregular card-21 can be read by a RFID Reader in the asset tracking. With the color mini strap, some RFID card can be hanged on the phone or wallet for more convenience, while people go out.

Showing the durability, and exact memory ability in practice, these RFID Card fulfill different needs for customers. And designed as low-cost and colorful contactless smart tags, the RFID Cards can be customized for different ID numbers to be individual RFID cards and win the favor of spacious customers by experiencing the convenience in practice. To increase the customers’ experience, more places can adopted these RFID cards, such as employee ID, student ID, inventory tracking, asset tracking and access control.

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