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Topaz IC IRT5011
- Dimensions: CR80 85.60 x 53.98mm
- Thickness: 0.84 +- 0.02mm
- Material: PVC (option: PET, PC, PET-G)
- Card Surface: Matt/ glossy finish
- Housing: Lamination
- Offset Printing
- Silkscreen Printing
- Magnetic stirp HICO, LOCO
- Thermal print
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Topaz IC IRT5011 120bytes NFC type 1 tag ISO/IEC 21481

The Topaz IC, (part number IRT5011), has been developed by Innovision Research & Technology plc to address Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging applications working to the ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 21481 and ISO/IEC 14443A standards.
The Topaz IC based tag has been mandated by the NFC Forum as the Type 1 Tag Format to work with NFC devices.
The Topaz IC is a two terminal device designed to be connected to a loop antenna to produce a passive NFC/RFID tag operating in the standard unlicensed 13.56MHz frequency band.
The read/write data in the Topaz IC memory is EEPROM-based, allowing individual blocks to be locked into read only operation by contactless command. Once locked, the process is irreversible.
The Topaz IC is based on a physical EEPROM array size of 120 bytes.

·  Topaz IC can be used in NFC Forum Tags/Smartposter/ One-touch Setup applications as well as general RFID
·  Targeted for operation with NFC devices which work to ISO/IEC 18092 (NFCIP-1) and/or ISO/IEC 21481 (NFCIP-2)
·  Designed to be compatible with the ISO/IEC 14443:2001 parts 2 and 3
·  ISO/IEC 14443 type A modulation scheme
·  Passive RFID tag operating in the unlicensed 13.56MHz band
·  Read and Write (R/W) operation
·  One Time Programmable (OTP) & Write Once Read Many (WORM) operation
·  Typical operating range up to 10cm depending on tag/reader antenna coil sizes and orientation relative to the reader unit
·  Fast data communication rate of 106 kbit/s
·  UID provision in Topaz IC to enable collision detection by means of the Reader/Writer issuing a RID (Read UID) command.
·  Protection smart cards for data during the write operation by the Topaz IC only responding to commands prepended with a matching UID. This also provides protection in the situation where there are multiple tags in the reader field
·  Fast byte write speed
·  Data communications are protected by 16-bit CRC integrity checking
·  EEPROM based user read/write memory area organised as 12 blocks of 8-bytes
·  7-bytes of Unique Identification (UID) number for use in data authentication/anti-cloning
·  96-bytes of user read/write memory
·  6-bytes of OTP memory
·  All memory areas are individually one time lockable by RF command to prevent further modification of data and to produce read only functionality

Compared with traditional near-field communication, near field communication (NFC) there is a natural safety, and the rapidity of connection is established, the specific contrast in the following table:
NFC bluetooth network type infrared point-to-point single point to point to more use distance of 0.1 m or less 10 m or less 1 m or less speed 106, 212, 424 KBPS
Planning rate of up to 868 KBPS
721 KBPS 115 kbps2. 1 Mbps ~ 1.0 Mbps setup time < 0.1 s6s0. 5 s security, hardware implementation, software implementation does not have, except when using IRFM communication mode active - active/passive active - active low cost low, active and positive.contactless cards

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