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What is smart card? how smart card work?

Dec.15th.2015    Post by Enjoyrfid.com admin
    What is SMART tag?
    Smart Tag is a business card size RFID epaper tag with a screen to display information, such as date, company name and logo, barcode, and product name. Through Near Field Communication (NFC), information can be read using a PC/SC compliant NFC reader/writer, reader/writer made by AIOI, or mobile devices, such as NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets. Depending on the type of Smart Tag, 12 pages or 128 pages of information can be stored in these smart epaper tags.
    Data is displayed on its screen without any electric power. Power is used when data is read or written, or the image on the display screen is rewritten. Using these smart labels instead of paper labels saves time and reduces paper usage. A displayed barcode can be read by nearly every type of handheld barcode scanner, so it is possible to immediately use these smart tags in your existing system. An NFC communication chip, such as the Sony FeliCa Plug chip, is used in this epaper tag.
    The SMART tag system is designed to ensure authorized ridership and help enhance the safety of students who utilize bus transportation. The SMART tag enables monitoring of where and when students board or disembark a bus ensuring students only board their designated bus, increasing bus driver and parent/guardian awareness. The SMART tag system utilizes RFID technology and cloud-connected tablet computers, allowing for real-time and accurate information in a secure and affordable way.
    How SMART tag works?
    When a student boards their bus, they touch their card to the tablet RFID reader. The SMART tag program logs the boarding event (recording the timestamp, location and student information) and verifies whether or not the student is authorized to board. When a student disembarks, they touch their card to the RFID reader again, and the program will log the event and verify the student is getting off at their correct stop.
    Application of Smart tag:
    Use as reusable, rewritable, erasable, NFC smart labels to display barcode labels, QR code labels, etc. These smart labels can replace paper labeling. Use for labeling shelves - can instantly change labels on the shelves containing RFID information such as location, product code, lot number, shipped date, time, etc.
    Use as an electronic signboard (Kanban) in manufacturing sites for "just-in-time" production and control systems. A signboard is attached to the specific parts in a production line signifying the delivery of a given quantity.
    Use with an NFC-enabled smart phone or tablet and with epaper tags attached to containers to control the distribution of goods. A worker delivering goods can check the delivery location and route; confirm delivery and return empty containers for reuse.
    Use for making visitor badges. Smart Tags can be used as security ID cards with a visitor's photo prepared at the reception desk.
Smart Tags can also be used in hospitals and clinics as patient IDs. Patient information can be easily erased from the epaper display to protect his/her privacy. For example, during medical checkups when multiple stations or departments need to be visited, a patient first gets a Smart Tag with the patient's name, ID, doctor's name of the first station, room number, etc. displayed on the epaper tag. Each visit is confirmed by a doctor after the checkup. After the doctor has confirmed, information on the next station will be displayed on the epaper tag. When all the checkups are finished, information on the Smart Tag can be reused for the next patient.
   Benefits of Smart tag:
    When Smart Tags are used as smart labels, they eliminate the consumption and discarding of paper labels. It is an eco-friendly product. The displayed content on Smart Tag can be text, graphics, barcode, or QR code. Depending on the type of Smart Tag you use, information on the epaper tags can be changed or rewritten 10,000 or 30,000 times using very little power.

   Smart tag from Enjoyrfid.com:
    As a leading manufacturer and supplier of RFID transponders, Enjoyrfid.com are dedicated to delivering high-quality, smart and secure products to our customers worldwide.
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